Todds Auctions offers a comprehensive valuation service designed to cater for clients individual and specific needs. In particular we provide Legal Documentation and Valuations for:

  • Insurance
  • Family Law (matrimonial property settlements)
  • Estates 
  • Selling Purposes
  • Assest Valuations
  • Tax Planning 

Todds auctions is appointed Valuer and Auctioner for The Public Trustee and various other Estate Administrators, Executors, Law Firms, and Insurance Companies. Our experienced and qualified team of valuers have extensive knowledge in a wide range of fields and work closely with various specialists.

We can value items via emailed photos or we can visit the property to view the items. Each valuation provides an itemised inventory with full description of each item and corresponding price estimate.

Bookings are essential and the fee can vary depending on location, number of goods to be valued and the types of goods involved. As a guide the average household valuation costs between $350 and $450. 

Please call our office to arrange a booking or enquire about costing.